EARA Goals

The EARA concerns itself with a broad array of topics within the area of research on adolescence, such as adolescent socialization, adolescents at risk, adolescent mental health, adolescent identity formation, and research methodology.

Such topics are of interest to those working in disciplines such as Psychology, Sociology, Psychiatry, Biology, and Education. The specific aims of the Association are:

  • To promote and safeguard high quality basic and applied research in Europe on all aspects of adolescence.
  • To create a forum for bringing together European researchers who are engaged in any aspect of research on adolescence.
  • To promote communication between those engaged in research on adolescence in Europe via workshops, conferences, and a newsletter, and by creating European data bases and regular lists of publications of members of the Association.
  • To work together with other organizations whose aims overlap or (partly) coincide with those of the EARA.
  • To promote professional training of young European researchers in adolescence.
  • To give advice to national and European authorities on (research on) adolescence and to promote the development of a European research policy and program concerning adolescents and their problems.
  • To promote cross-cultural and/or cross national research on adolescence in Europe.